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Hello Friends! Fall is underway and we have been super busy processing tons of amazing consignments! As most of you all know I started posting pictures of merchandise on our instagram and facebook pages to give people a sample of the adorable items we process DAILY! I enjoy posting pictures because it gives me a creative outlet that I don't have in other aspects of the business! It has really helped to energize me because we have received such an amazing response from our wonderful customers! Business is booming at Second Childhood, we are getting so many new customers because of your interaction with our pages. We SOOOO appreciate you making comments, reacting, sharing and spreading the love of our little local business! I feel like I could just post all day, because I want to share with all of you all the amazing orders we put on our sales floor every day!

With that being said you are going to see a lot more videos on our facebook. I don't enjoy them as much as the pictures, but you can see a lot more in a short amount of time! Anyways... I just want to thank everyone for helping us to continue to grow after all these years. I look forward to many more to come!

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