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Top Consignment Tips

We know how frustrating it can be to have an outfit you just absolutely love, or shoes that are still in great shape, but have some scuffs on the soles. Here are a couple of tips that i have had tremendous luck with! for clothing (all colors) 50% hydrogen peroxide 50% dawn dish soap! this concoction works wonders on almost all stains. Just make the amount you feel that you will need and spray on stain, let sit overnight, and wash. I have had amazing luck getting stubborn stains out of items that I still love, or have wanted to resell and make some $ back! As for shoes... it makes your shoes so much brighter just taking a clorox wipe to the soles and toes. This gives your shoes a better chance to be accepted on consignment. Our shoe department is always looking for some more miles it can put on another child's feet.

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